About Me

My name is Luke Fetter, and I’m a multi-disciplined designer living in the Chicago area. My personal philosophy is not very unique, but it is essential in the modern design world; ” Design With a Purpose”. I believe the “Purpose” should always be dictated by the user. Design at its core is simply problem solving. It’s how you identify the problem and craft the solution that makes a design successful.

My Process

You’ll find that my process is pretty typical of a standard UX workflow. A great example of how I go about tackling a project is shown on my Travel App Case Study. Although it’s still a work in progress you can see how I start a project and the steps I take to give the user the best experience possible. The process is heavily dictated on the project. In some cases I’m able to work a project from start to finish, while others I pick up after the wire-frames have been made and complete the visual aspects of the design. My interpretation of the design process is as follows:
• Identify the problem and create a hypothesis
• Conduct user research
• Analysis ( Affinity Mapping, Competitor Analysis, Persona Creation, Problem Statement)
• Determine Features (Dream list, Feature Charting, Feature Prioritization)
• Create user flow
• Low-fi Mockup/ Paper Prototyping
• Usability Testing
• Wire-Framing
• Prototyping – High-fi Mockups (Invision)
• Testing (simple observations, questionnaires, surveys, interviews, )
• Implementation