Commerce St. Brewing

Mobile App Design


UI | Visual Design | Brand Identity

Project Synopsis

Commerce Street Brewing was conceived as an inner-office project to showcase our digital design abilities. The app itself serves multiple functions. You can select one of the breweries beers and learn all about its qualities, then you can use the locator to help find where you can find your favorite brew. It also has a shop feature so you can purchase your favorite brewery merchandise. A website was also created to accompany the mobile app.


I was tasked for the full app design. That included all branding. My research was limited, so my design started in the wire-framing phase. Once the structure was in place I created the logo and branding guidelines. After the brand took shape I moved on to the interface. The interface was designed with the user in mind. Low-res mockups were created and tested. Once the interface was approved and tested Hi-res mockups were made in Invision.

User Flow

The user flow shows how the users will move through out the app.
It’s also a great way to help figure out the functionality of the design.