Using a robust website with a lot of information can make finding what you're looking for difficult...especially on mobile. There is also no easy way to communicate with team members, make payments or provide any recruiting help.


Create a mobile iOS app that makes life as a club team member easier. It needs to include the ability to communicate with your team and coaches. It also needs a payment gateway and the ability to assist with recruiting would be a bonus.


The client was pretty set on what the wanted as the main features for the mobile app. Normally the first phase of the process would include research. In this case the client had already consulted potential users for their input.

I wanted to create a primary persona from the information provided in order to get a better understanding on who I was designing for (below). Based on my research I came up with a list of features I thought would benefit the user. I consulted the client and together we narrowed down the list of features that would go in the app.

“I want to be able to get my name out
so college coaches can find me."

Mikey Smith

Age: 17
Occupation: High School Student

Mikey is a Junior in high school who play lacrosse for both his school and a club team. He's good enough to start entertaining his chances of playing college lacrosse.

• Very busy
• Lots of miscommunication between teammates and coaches
• No knowledge of recruiting process

• A better way to communicate with teammates
• A more organized way for event scheduling
• A way to pay club dues
• Help with recruiting
Once we completed the list of features that were to be included, I created some rough sketches of potential layouts to create wireframes and help determine the user flow. It was important to figure out the steps the user would be taking in order to make the process as fluid as possible.

Monochromatic Mockup (main screens)

From there I made some monochromatic wireframes to present the possible look and flow to the client. Upon approval I started designing high resolution mockups to load into invision so that the client could see a useable mockup and get a real feel for how the final product would work and look.


The project is currently in the pre-development phase. The client is very happy with the overall design and usability and thinks it will be a great help to their club team members and families.

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