SmartCAT Capture

Mobile App Design


UI | Visual Design | Brand Identity


SmartCAT Forms is an existing form making mobile app. The main problem that Forms has is the inability to collect data that seamlessly interacts with the forms. By creating SmartCAT capture we eliminate the use of multiple third party data collection apps by putting them all in the same easy to use mobile app. This will give the users an easier workflow.


Having users download two separate apps to be able to use the applications at full capacity can be confusing to the users. Most users don’t understand how to use two separate apps as one without further explanation. This causes a bad experience for the user and can affect the usability and success of the app.


I was tasked with designing a mobile app to work seamlessly with an existing iForms white labeled app (SmartCAT Forms). After researching the design and usability of the iForms app (SmartCAT Forms), we were then able to construct a user flow, wireframes and eventually a completed app

Home Screen

The home screen shows all of the different data collection methods. You also have access to the support and product pages.

SmartCAT Forms – connects directly to the SmartCAT Forms app.

NFC – access the near field communication tool. This allows you to scan RFID tags at close range.

UHF – The ultra high frequency option allows for the ability to scan tags at longer distances.

Barcode – Comes preloaded with multiple barcode scanning technologies.

What I learned

We were not permitted to conduct user surveys or do any market research prior to developing the mobile app do to time and budget constraints. My first steps would be to get out and talk to users to help better discover a target audience and assist in marketing campaigns. User surveys within the RFID field would also prove to be very helpful. Obtaining data from possible users could in turn be very valuable to improving the usability of the app.

Moving Forward

After early usability testing was conducted, I discovered a few frustrations within the flow of the app. We were able to work with the developer to iron out some of the most pressing issues. The biggest pain point was having to open both apps to be able to use them together. Although the user still needs to download two separate apps they no longer need to open both to be used together. This helps the user stay in the apps while collecting and saving data.