Website Redesign


UI | Visual Design | Brand Identity


SmartCAT was previously a single product and now is growing into a brand. The previous site only showcased the one product and was very dated. It contained large amounts of copy and was not created with the user in mind. Our goal was to not only update the look and content, but to make it a better user experience.


The website lacked a favorable user flow. This made navigating around the site very confusing. The absence of an overall goal of the website contributed to the congested user flow, making it a poor experience for the user. The site also contained a large amount of information. While all of the information was relevant to the product, not all of it needed to be featured.


We were tasked with redesigning We also asked to define the branding and redesign the logos as well as create new logos for the new products.

We set out to not only redesign the site visually, but make it a better user experience. We were able to utilize usability testing to help guide the direction and flow of the site.

Updated Homepage Design

Before starting the design process we were able to better define the goal of the website. The new focus of the website was to get the user to contact the client. The navigation was updated following data gathered from user testing. The homepage was separated into three main sections:

Who – the the intro statement and background video.

What – the explanation of the products, follow the companies sales “trinity”.

How – how the product can be utilized in your field.

The website is now set up for the user to see how they can utilize the product in their field rather than what the product can do.

What I learned

Usability test were conducted to gather data on ease of use and to prove the marketing concepts. Modifications were then made to help better define or goal, which is to get the user to contact us based off site content. CTA’s were added in more prominent areas to better guide our users to reach out. I also discovered that top level support with the ability to connect directly to a live person, was far more helpful than pages and pages of product support and FAQ’s. This gives the user a chance to find what they are looking for with a quick search and if unsuccessful reach out to a team member immediately, saving the user valuable time.