Best Stuff Campaign

Role: UI/Visual Designer | Platform: Responsive Mobile / Web


Project Overview

Create a better user experience when unsubscribing from marketing emails. Try to understand the reasons for unsubscribing. While enhancing the experience, provide alternative options to unsubscribing without making it difficult for the user to opt out if they are so inclined.


The brick and mortar retail stores rolled out a new marketing strategy showcasing the stores "best stuff." This initiative was designed to present the companies best products in a separate space in an effort to entice customers to purchase those items. The main issue we were trying to solve was how to take this same marketing idea and utilize it on our mobile platforms.


After further review it was decided to decrease the size of the "best stuff" section. Current functionality allotted a 250px space at the top of the page. With only having 250px height to utilize I had to decrease design elements while maintaining core information.

Smaller product cards still needed to contain the product image, name, star rating and price. Seeing positive data from user testing led me to add product attributes. This also helped guide the decision making for the user, One of the biggest take-aways form the behavioral economic research.